Navigating Fissure and Piles Treatment in Ahmedabad: Expert Doctor Insights

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Experiencing pain every time during a bowel movement can be an issue of piles or fissures. It is the afflictions of the rectum and the anus. This blog talks about the treatments, effects and symptoms of piles and fissures. 

What are piles?

In the anal tract, there are major veins present in it. An individual can experience chronic constipation or strain while defecating, during pregnancy or obesity. This can cause the veins to swell up and interrupt the blood flow to the anus. These swellings are known as piles. It can occur on the external or the internal part of the body. Piles occur in the form of internal haemorrhoids that develop in the lower rectum and protrude from the anus. However, external haemorrhoids are found on the skin surrounding the anus. Individuals can also find blood clots in external piles, which are hard and uncomfortable lumps around the anus. 

What are Fissures?

Experiencing chronic constipation can make bowel movements difficult for an individual. While passing a hard stool, you might tear or rip the layer around the anus. This is called a fissure. Fissures are mostly common in children than in adults.

Symptoms of Piles and Fissures     

The symptoms that can be experienced by the patient are:
•  Bleeding while defecating. 
•  Swelling or redness around the anus. 

If you notice these signs, consult a doctor and get piles or fissure treatment in Ahmedabad.

Home remedies for Piles and Fissure

Yes, there are a few home remedies for fissure and piles treatment in Ahmedabad. Some of them are: 

Coconut oil: Using coconut oil can improve your immunity and act as a laxative material for your body. Applying coconut oil around the anus can reduce its swelling and help you pass stool easily. 

Aloe vera: To treat fissures or piles at home, you can crush the leaf and apply the gel present in it to the afflicted area. It will help in repairing the skin and reduce the redness around the anus also. 

Warm bath: Soak your body in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. It will result in a decline in pain and swelling. Sit inside the tub and let warm water reduce the swelling. 

Surgical Treatment for Piles and Fissures

If the above-mentioned treatments don’t work, you should consult an experienced doctor. They will help you with the treatment and provide necessary medical assistance as well. 


In case piles form blood clots then you can get: 

Haemorrhoidectomy: A surgical process carried out to snip off the protruding pile. 
Staple hemorrhoidopexy: This method cutting off the large oils and repositioning the rest of the tissue with staples. 

Fissure: For the treatment of fissures, the patient can get a sphincterotomy done. This is performed when there are no chances for the patient to pass the tool. During this treatment, the doctor performs the surgery by inserting a small incision in the sphincter muscles. This method helps in easing out the pain and provides comfort to the patient while passing stool.  

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